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Just a small selection of Tom Smith’s Christmas Cracker box designs and associated images from the Kathleen Kimpton Collection (unless otherwise attributed). All reproduction rights reserved.
(© unless otherwise attributed).
Tom Smith Toy Crackers 1891 - 1900 Tom Smith Toy Crackers 1891 - 1900 ©

Tom Smith 1891 - 92  Catalogue cover ©

Christmas Cracker prints London Illustrated

"A Christmas Scene" 1893 - London Illustrated News

Catalogue Cover 1903-67

Tom Smith 1903 - 1906/7   Catalogue cover ©

Tom Smiths Christmas Cracker prints

Tom Smiths "The Two Monkeys" - 1920's ©

Tom Smith - Wartime Shortages Leaflet
(Not Catalogue cover) 1917 ©

Christmas Cracker prints Tom Smith

Caley's Woodlands Snow Scene - Early 20th Century ©

Tom Smiths "Joie de Vivre" - Early 20th Century ©

Tom Smiths "Princess Elizabeth" - 1929/30 ©

Tom Smiths Catalogue Cover - 1935
(Courtesy Amoret Tanner)

Batger's "The Golfer" Crackers  - 1930's ©

Batger's "Derby Day" - 1930's

Batger's "Derby Day" - 1930's©

Batgers Circus Crackers

Batger's "Circus" Crackers  - 1930's ©

Sparagnapane Kismet crackers

Sparagnapane "Kismet" Crackers - 1920/30's©

Tom Smith Surprise Crackers

Tom Smiths "Surprise" Crackers -1920's ©

Tom Smiths 1937 Catalogue Cover

Tom Smiths Catalogue Cover - 1937©

Nansen Picture

This 1906/1907 “Polar Bear” design commemorates the famous Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen’s 1893-1896 expedition to the North Pole. Notice Nansen’s ship The Fram on the left of the design ©


Sparagnapane’s Jewel crackers from the early 2oth century ©

© The Kathleen Kimpton Collection - Reproduction Rights for all these images strictly reserved




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